Crochet PatternsMy mother, who has arthritis, crocheted a giant bedspread for my husband and I as a wedding present. This labor of love took her over a year and a half to make and holding that blanket reminds me of the love and detail that goes into handcrafted items. Sometimes a gift is just a gift, and sometimes it turns out to be a whole lot more. That blanket inspired me to pick back up the “habit” I had learned long ago in childhood.

     Okihiro Designs is about bringing back the tradition of crochet housewares and reinventing them for the 21st century home. I have always found traditional homemaking skills like crocheting, cross stitch and embroidery fascinating; however, my personal design aesthetic tends to lean modern and geometric. After re-learning how to crochet in my mid-20’s I found myself creating designs that reflected the cultural tradition while staying true to my design aesthetic.

     Every design, hook and stitch is a labor of love completed with the same dedication and care as if they were intended for my own family. From my hands to their forever homes every piece is about keeping alive that personal touch in a world filled with the products of mass production.

Current Projects

Basket Weave Pillowcase (new design) :: Haviland Pattern Pillowcase (new design) :: Crane Pattern Pillowcase :: Riggins Pattern Pillowcases (new designs) :: 16″ Argyle Pattern Pillowcase