about     I grew up with a crafty mother, and crafty is really an understatement. She seemed to be able to do just about anything, from sewing our Halloween costumes, to epic cake decorating and even being able to “magically” turn yarn or thread into a beautiful crocheted or knitted project.

     Teaching me how to do many of these things she did so well proved difficult as I am left handed and she is not. I still can not knit very well if my life depended on it to this day, but I can crochet. After sitting face to face practicing and multiple lessons with me sitting in the master bathroom sink intently focusing on my mother’s crocheting reflection I had it figured out.

     Crocheting keeps my hands busy and my brain engaged as I continually iterate the conceal and reveal of the fabric beneath the textured crochet work within the square rounds. While the patterns evoke the delicate detailed stitches of traditional designs, they are much more geometric in nature and take full use of the three dimensional texture crocheting can create. Many of the patterns are variations of geometric shapes and repeating designs while others represent a complete reworking of an idea to accommodate the gridded medium.

     Be warned I currently share my world with two LARGE Persians, an inquisitive Jenday conure… OH and my husband.