Pineapple Pattern Pillows

After all of those baby blankets it was nice to get back to thread word… even if it was the dreaded pineapple pattern. I always enjoy custom projects, and even a re-work of an existing design…but when I got the order for a 14″ pineapple pattern pillow in ecru thread over antique white fabric a little part of the happiness inside died.

     The first time I worked with the pattern it fought me the entire way, and the second time it worked up a little more smoothly. While I will never deny the end result is wonderful, it took working it up a third time to finally really get the hang of the pattern. That royal blue thread never fails to deliver a beautiful result, and I am almost looking forward to the next time I make another pillow with this pattern.


Etsy Listing for a 14″ pillow, or a 16″ pillow if you would like one for yourself :: Pattern Information